Jared Miley was born and raised in the racing industry. At a very young age he was at his  family’s Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor speedway (PPMS), and working with his father,  Jerry Miley, at Broughers Machine shop.  By the age of 18, with no other racing experience he was driving and racing limited dirt late models. His debut race would come in at his family's track, PPMS.

Jared Miley will enter the off-season as a nine-time super late model winner in 2014. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native was victorious in two states during the recent season; conquering main events at five different venues. Miley, who piloted the Jared Miley Racing, Colussy Chevrolet, Octane Graphix, Brougher’s Machine Shop, FullyInjected.com, no. H1 Rocket during his entire 2014 stint, earned victories at the Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway in Imperial, Pennsylvania; Eriez Speedway in Erie, Pennsylvania; Dog Hollow Speedway in Strongstown, Pennsylvania; and at the Little Valley Speedway near Little Valley, New York.

The former Lernerville Speedway track champion visited Lernerville Speedway victory lane on three separate occasions in 2014, while also earning two victories at Pittsburgh’s ‘Monster Half Mile’ and Eriez Speedway. ‘The Jet’ would visit victory lane once at Dog Hollow and Little Valley.

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Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Fabricator @ Rocket Chassis
Wife: Rachael Cecere
Children: Bristol (daughter),Cooper & Ruby (dogs)​